About Karen Halvorsen

Karen was born in New Westminster and raised in the lower mainland of British Columbia. She now resides in the most beautiful part of B.C., the Okanagan Valley. Peachland is a small community of just over five thousand residents. She states:
"I couldn't imagine wanting to live anywhere else after living here for ten years now. It's a great community."

She started music lessons at the age of seven and by the time she was in her early teens played accordian, guitar, ukelele, piano and clarinet.

"My maternal Grandmother was very musical and sparked my interest in music at a very early age. Many artists have influenced me over the years, but Country Music has always been a huge part of my life growing up."

Karen started writing just over three years ago when she was going through a difficult time health-wise:

"I used my writing to pass the time after a difficult and painful pancreatic surgery. It's truly amazing the power of music and the inspiration I derived after this life-threatening illness."

She entered the Song of the Year contest in 2011, an International writing competition with entries from all over the world. She received the Collective Works Award for that year. Having her music entered in The Song of the Year competition gave her the chance to get her music heard by two producers in Nashville who loved her music.

For the past two years she has placed as a semi-finalist in the top 1% with over 24,000 entries each year. She was one of only two writers that had two songs chosen in this category.

"I have had four songs produced in Nashville this past year by two different record labels. You can purchase my original album "Life Gets A Little Bit Crazy" or either of the "Women In Country" series CD's on all major internet stores or click on the links on my website.

Karen joined the Westbank Country Opry in January 2012 and started performing with the group in September 2012 and has enjoyed performing for the local community. She is also the treasurer for the organization.

She also volunteers her time to play for the seniors from Winfield to Penticton with a group known as The Country Classics.

"I will continue to write and record as time permits. I look forward to my future in music, new opportunities and meeting great people."