You're Paying Too Much

Okay - here's the thing: you want to put your company up on the World-Wide Wibble to show your Aunt Zelda that you finally made it and that you've got a great product or service to offer and you'd like to include a tiny little video and some shiny pictures and you've been quoted a price that's equal to a third-world dictator's party budget.
Don't despair. Before the top of your head unscrews I can probably help a bit.

Media For Less!

The truth of the matter is that you don't have to spend every penny in your piggy bank for a simple web site or a video that's going to be posted to YouTube. Here's the scoop:

  • Ten Page Web Site for $100.00
  • Ten minute video from $200.00
  • A shiny poster for $20.00
  • Audio for cheap
Don't be shy - drop me an email and together we'll figure out how to put a little zip into your get-along without having to mortgage your cat.

SORRY I don't do weddings or birthdays. All that joy makes me grumpy.

What's Going On?

A little wakeup call: the average small business doesn't need all the expensive bells and whistles on a web site that most designers like to sell you ('cause they mean profit boys and girls) and you don't need twelve white trucks showing up at your door to make a video for YouTube.
Take a look at some of the samples to the left and give me a yell - maybe we can get together.

Web Sites

For $100.00 you get up to ten pages with all the graphics and pictures and basic shiny stuff that'll show Aunt Zelda that you've finally made something of yourself as well as help securing suitable hosting space and the initial site upload.
You can get an idea of the type of site by checking the stuff below.

Video Stuff

For $200.00 you get a one camera shoot up to (about) 10 minutes along with all the titles, music, doodads and stuff to make your customers say "Ooooo". There are a ton of other options so we should have a chat. In the meantime take a look at the samples below for the basic idea.

Graphics and Posters

I'll put together a standard-sized poster for you for a flat $20.00 - about the price of a couple of Grande Frappe Biggies at FiveBucks. Come on, spend your inheritance.

  • Click to expand the poster